The Historical Society needs you

The Historical Society needs you

Were you baptized at Ascension?
Were your parents married at Brush Street or at Ascension?
Was your Yiayia and Papou married at the Brush Street Church?


The church holds all those records and they need archiving!


The Ascension church office, in collaboration with the Ascension Historical Society, is embarking on a project to archive and digitize 100 plus years worth of baptism, marriage, and death records! The brittle and fading documents with so much of our family information within them, need to be preserved for future generations.


We would appreciate your monetary support and contribution to this project as it can be costly to save these records. Any donation you can make will go directly towards the materials needed for the preservation, archiving, and digitizing of these historical records. 


If you have any questions about this project, please call Cathy Giouzelis or Carolyn Sakkis via the church office. Thank you!


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