Stewardship Update

As valued Stewards and member supporters of the Ascension Cathedral, we truly want to thank all who continue to support the Cathedral through their stewardship efforts. Through March 31, 2016, the Cathedral has received 319 Stewardship commitments, totaling $387,344 in pledges. This compares to 298 commitments totaling $371,009 received during the same period in 2015. Our Cathedral is blessed to have received this increase in the total number of pledges over last year.

As we know, the mission of all Greek Orthodox parishes in America, as defined by the Archdiocese in the Uniform Parish Regulations, is to proclaim and teach
the Gospel in accordance with the Orthodox Faith; to sanctify the faithful through God’s grace in worship, the Divine Liturgy and the other sacraments; to enhance our parishioners’ spiritual life; to add to the numbers of the faithful through instruction, baptism and chrismation; and to establish educational and philanthropic activities consistent with the Faith and ethos of the Church.

We accomplish this through giving our time, talent and treasure, all of which are important. As the parish continues to have financial obligations and expenses,
we continue to request stewardship commitments from all. Our goal for this year is 400 commitments, with a budgeted stewardship amount of $567,000. With all our assistance, these amounts are attainable. To those who have pledged, again we thank you. And to those who have not, we are asking that you consider
completing your 2016 steward form sent at the end of last year. By returning this form with your pledge, you will enable the Cathedral to continue its work and
support its ministries. In the next edition of this publication, we will be formally listing those members who have provided a 2016 stewardship pledge, as recognition toward God’s Faith and a commitment to the Cathedral. Again we ask those who have not provided a pledge, to please consider doing so, so that we can include you in our listing.


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