Pascha Picnic

Pascha Picnic

What a way to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ in the sunshine of the outdoors with flowers blooming and with all of nature reflecting the new birth! Plenty of parking, picnic tables, barbecue pits, grass play fields, and room to dance. Every family brings their own food and drink and there is plenty of sharing with games and Easter egg hunts for the kids. Handicapped Parking is available.

Picnic Tables for 8 persons can be reserved in advance for $30 per table. Reservations required by Tuesday April 11th and confirmed only upon receipt of check. Contact the church office (510) 531-3400 for table reservations.

Come to Agape Vespers at the picnic area at 12 Noon!


Alameda County Fairgrounds – Pleasanton Country Plaza Picnic Area
Country Plaza – Picnic Area
(Same location as last year)

Easter Picnic flyer with area map


  • On Picnic Day there will only be a few non-reserved tables available in the Open Area.
  • 3 large charcoal barbecues available to share: Ask for tables near them if you wish.
  • Choose location to reserve tables: Under the large Shade Pavilion (full shade) or in the Open Grass / Paved Area (no shade / bring tent canopies if you want shade)

Send your check payable to Ascension Cathedral to: 4700 Lincoln Ave., Oakland, CA 94602.

Parking Rules:
• Please use the large Free Parking Areas nearby as shown on map.
• No parking on the Access Road; Drop-off and Pick-up of Disabled, barbecues and supplies only.

Important Picnic Rules:

Last year, some of our Picnic Attendees entered another Fairgrounds event next to ours without permission (a pay to enter event). This is not allowed. We need to stay in our authorized area or risk having the Fairgrounds Management deny us rental in the future. Please be considerate of our neighbors also paying to use the facilities.

Table setup is NOT allowed until after 8:30am.  Please DO NOT places your items on any tables until the name placards, indicating where your table is, have been completely set up.


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