Parish Council Elects Anastasios (Tasos) G. Konstantin President

It is an honor and privilege to be elected President of the Ascension Cathedral Parish Council. I am officially a second-generation President of this community – following in the footsteps of my hero and idol, Dr. Karl A. Konstantin of blessed memory.    I am humbled to carry this mantle of leadership. 

My sincere appreciation is given to the current parish council who placed their love, support and trust in me to help lead this 100-year-old parish in the coming year.  It is our history that will help guide us in managing our current affairs and securing our future for generations to come.  I am indebted to those who served before me and provided the foundation from which I aspire to continue building upon. 

I want to thank our out-going President, John Cumbelich, on a remarkable job that he has done the past two years.   John is a lifelong servant of God and led by example.  2018 may have been the first year in decades that the parish council did not seek financial assistance from the general assembly and that is a testament to John’s leadership.  I also want to thank Fr. Thomas Zaferes who has come into our parish and allowed us to continue building upon what has made Ascension so remarkable.  He is the true leader of our parish and it’s my goal to assist him to make our community even better.

“Unity & 100% Participation” is the theme for the 2019 Parish Council.  I am praying that everyone affiliated with the Ascension Cathedral will be involved in some capacity – be it volunteering time, donating money, working on our campus to improve the grounds,  participating in the Holy Liturgy on Sundays, cheering on your Greek dancing groups and basketball players, playing or becoming a sponsor in our annual golf tournament, volunteering at the Greek Festival,  singing with our choir, preparing meals for the homeless with our outstanding meal ministry, participating in any of our youth programs, Club 55, Senior Citizens, Bible Study…  I will stop here but know that this list goes on and on.   We have various ways for anyone to participate so please get involved. 

Below you will find my cell phone number and email address.  They are the same ones used by my family to get a hold of me.   If you have a concern, idea or something that you want your parish council to be aware of, please do not hesitate to contact me.  The parish council is here to assist our priest and to serve the Ascension community. 

It is my intention to periodically send out a message to the entire community – keeping you informed about what is transpiring in your parish.  On behalf of the entire parish council, we thank you for your continued trust and support as we embark on yet another chapter in extraordinary journey.

In Christ,

Anastasios (Tasos) G. Konstantin
Ascension Parish Council President

(510) 206-4363 cell


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