Orthodox Faith Seminar

The Orthodox Faith Seminar is an opportunity for anyone to learn about the Orthodox Faith.  The free class is intended for seekers, inquirers, those preparing to be joined to the Orthodox Church as well as any Orthodox Christian who wants to improve their understand of the teachings of the Orthodox Faith.

Our book will be Know the Faith by Fr. Michael Shanbour. Copies will be available at our first session.  The cost for the book is $20.

The class will consist of ten sessions and will meet on Sundays (after the Divine Liturgy) from 12:30pm to 2:00pm in the upstairs conference room on the following dates:

December 2 

Session 1 – Introduction to Orthodox Church

December 16
Session 2 – Grace

December 30
Session 3 – Salvation

January 13
Session 4 – Justification by Faith

January 20
Session 5 –  Tradition & Scripture

February 3
Session 6 –  The Eucharist & Liturgical Worship

February 10
Session 7 – The Spiritual Life: Prayer, Fasting, Confession, Repentance

February 17
Session 8 – Icons, Veneration & Worship

February 24
Session 9 – The Intercession of the Saints

March 4
Session 10 –  The Church Yearly Cycle and Orthodox Traditions