Online Pledge Form

I’m about to make my Pledge – How can I make my payment?

  • Option #1: Bill Pay (Direct withdrawal from your account)
    If you select bill pay, there are no fees. A 100% will go directly to the Ascension account.  Please connect with your personal bank for more details on the process.
  • Option #2: Credit Card Payment: Vanco – Credit Processor
    Step 1: create a profile by clicking 
    You will need your stewardship number to start the process, please call the office if you need to verify the number at 510-531-3400.  You will have full access to all your donations via your credit card to Ascension. You will click on the right corner to “create your own profile”

    The service charge for a Visa or MasterCard is 2.5% or 3% for American Express for each transaction – there is an option to include this processing fee along with your Stewardship pledge.  If your credit card is expiring, Vanco will always send a reminder. You may also call the Office to process your credit details as well.

  • Option #3: Mail Check Directly To The Office
    Mail to: Ascension Cathedral, Attn: Ascension Stewardship, 4700 Lincoln Ave, Oakland, CA 94602