Move into the Light

Move into the Light

The following quote by St. Peter of Damaskos describes the attitude we sometimes have in dealing with faith:

It is as with the sun whose rays illumine the world: the person who wants to see it can do so, while the person who does not want to see it is not forced to, so that he alone is to blame for his lightless condition. For God made both the sun and man’s eyes, but how man uses them depends on himself. Similarly, then, God irradiates knowledge to all and at the same time. He gives us faith as an eye through which we can perceive it.

Like with almost everything in our lives, we can be open or closed minded. We can choose to understand or dismiss. The same is true of our journey with God. We need to have our eyes open. How we do that is the spiritual effort. We must begin from a position of trust and faith in our Lord and His church. Then use tools that our faith offers—begin with prayer. Take the time in your day to pray to God. Include different aspects of prayer: Ask God for your needs: material, mental, emotional and spiritual; ask for strength to persevere.  Praise and thank God for all He has done for you. Say the Jesus Prayer, “Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me”. Spend some time in quiet; listen to God. Read the scriptures and spiritually edifying books and passage (ask your priest for guidance).  Move into the light and do not curse the darkness.



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