Free Will

Free Will

Then, alongside this knowledge, there is our capacity to choose. This is the beginning of our salvation, by our free choice we abandon our own wishes and thoughts and do what God wishes and thinks. If we succeed in doing this, there is no object, no activity or place in the whole creation that can prevent us from becoming what God from the beginning has wished us to be: that is to say, according to His image and likeness, gods by adoption through grace, dispassionate, just, good, and wise, whether we are rich or poor, married or unmarried, in authority and free or under obedience and in bondage—in short, whatever our time, place or activity.

– Philokalia, St. Peter of Damaskos
St Peter presents the compelling issue of free-will. It is his sage advice that we abandon our own, fallen and distorted free will and do what “God wishes”.  This is the beginning of our salvation according to him. The thinking is if we follow God’s will we will not make the wrong choices or follow the wrong path.

If we humble ourselves to God’s will nothing will keep us “from becoming what God” wants us to be. We were created in His image and likeness. The image of God is planted within each of us. We fully re-discover that image in doing what “God wishes and thinks”.  Submitting to God’s will liberates us to pursue and attain holiness, to become like Him—“gods by adoption through grace.


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