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Orthodox Life: Tatiana McWethy Iconography Presentation

Tatiana McWethy  Artist & Iconographer

tatianaWe are excited to announce a special visit and presentation by the renowned iconographer Tatiana McWethy on Sunday, October 23 in the Richmond Room immediately after Divine Liturgy. Join us for an inspiring and enlightening presentation by Tatiana about the history and sacred art of iconography as well as an exhibit of her work.


Tatiana McWethy was born in town Berdichev, Ukraine.  When she was three years old Tatiana and her older brother, Yuri, went to an Art Class for Kids.  Then they continued to develop their artistic skills in a local Art School.  After graduating from the Berdichev Art School Tatiana entered Zheleznogorsky Art College.  She spent four years of art training in the College and graduated with a Diploma of Art and a teaching Credential. She then went to Saint Petersburg to continue her education at The Academy of Art.  When 21 years old she was baptized in Christ as an Orthodox Christian.  While continuing art studies at the Academy of Art she felt that her soul was longing for something different.  She took a trip to Pskovo Pechersky Monastery where she spent three weeks under the supervision of Archmandrite Feodosiy (Korotkov), at that time a Hieromonk.  The trip to the monastery changed all her life and opened up new horizons.  Tatiana started to learn iconography and restoration under the restorer Olga Nadareyshvili and iconographer Nina Starostina.  At the same time Tatiana continued to study the technique of Old Masters in The Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.  It took a decade to develop her style in iconography and painting and to combine her artistic talent with the canons of iconography.

While living in Saint Petersburg, Russia, she had commissions for iconography and restorations for local churches.

In 2004 Tatiana married Ian McWethy and in 2006 she moved to the United States.  Since 2006 she has been a resident of Sonoma, CA.  Tatiana has been very active in the Orthodox community of the San Francisco Bay Area.  His Emminence Archibishop Kyrill has commissioned icons and restorations from Tatiana.

Tatiana has held classes and exhibitions at Saints Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Church, Santa Rosa, CA; Holy Dormition Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Santa Rosa, CA and in several other Bay Area churches.

Tatiana has provided Holy Dormition Church with beautifully executed icons of Christ Made Without Hands (Holy Napkin), St. Seraphim of Sarov, and most recently a beautiful reproduction of the 16th Century Byzantine icon of Christ by Theophanes of Crete.  Tatiana is currently working on a Dormition icon for the new iconostasis in Holy Dormition church.  She has written other icons for many clergy in the Bay Area including a local Bishop, priests and deacons.  In her art she combines orthodox spirituality with contemporary art. Her paintings participated in many prestigious Art Shows in the United States and won different art prizes.  Since 2013 Tatiana is writing articles in association with journalist Elena Mariakhina about iconography for Spiritual Spring Magazine of the Western American Diocese. Since 2013 she has taught art in Saint Peter and Paul Orthodox Church. In 2015 Tatiana was commissioned by the Holy Virgin Cathedral – Joy of all Who Sorrow to paint a panel for the altar.

www.timcwthyy.com    timcwethy@att.net   (707) 933-8969










October 23, 2016


12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

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