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A Greek History – Feb 23

Join us Sunday February 23, 2020 for a history lesson about the Greeks of Asia Minor & Istanbul
Time: After Liturgy
Location: Richmond room

Here are details about Professor Philliou’s presentation:
Who were the Greeks of Asia Minor and Istanbul and how did they fit into the Ottoman Empire? We will take up this question and explore the ways that their social, economic, and political roles were changing in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, as the new state of Greece emerged and the Ottoman Empire unraveled. Just as importantly, we will consider the ways the Greek presence in Asia Minor has, since the population exchange in 1922, been remembered, forgotten, and commemorated by different groups there and in the diaspora.

About the presenter:

Christine Philliou is professor in the Department of History at U.C. Berkeley. She specializes in Ottoman, modern Turkish and Greek history. Her first book, Biography of an Empire: Governing Ottomans in an Age of Revolution, was about the ascendancy of Phanariots within Ottoman governance in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Her article, “The paradox of perceptions: interpreting the Ottoman past in the national present,” won the Brookings-Sabanci International Research Award, and was about the conflicted legacy of the Ottoman Empire in modern-day Greece and Turkey. Her forthcoming book, Turkey: A Past Against History, focuses on the transition from the Ottoman Empire to Republican Turkey in 1922, from the perspective of political dissident writers.


February 23


11:00 am - 1:30 pm

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