Divine Liturgy And Coronavirus

Dear Beloved Parishioners:

We have received guidelines from the Archbishop and the Eparchial Synod (the ruling Metropolitans of the Greek Orthodox Church in America, including our Metropolitan Gerasimos) concerning the Covid-19  or Coronavirus. If you are not feeling well please stay home, protect yourself and others!

Some important highlights from the Encyclical:

If you are sick, are feeling unwell physically, please refrain from coming to Church.
All of us should employ best practices like thorough hand washing. etc.

If you have traveled internationally please refrain from coming to church services for 14 days (the time frame of incubation for Coronavirus). 

Important points from the directive to the Clergy include
The priest will not offer to have his hand reverenced nor embrace or shake hands with parishioners.
All  parishioners should honor the icons and holy items by bowing to them, do not reverence (kiss) them.
All liturgical books will be removed from the pews, bring your own from home.
The faithful will take Antidoron on their own not from the priest.

Please take care of yourselves and families!

May our gracious Lord grant you His continued protection peace and love!

Fr. Tom 

Below are the links to the encyclical and directives from the Archbishop and Synod. There are also links to the CDC  and information in Greek.


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