Christmas Giving Tree Project

Christmas Giving Tree Project

This Nativity Season we are inviting everyone in our Cathedral Parish to help those in need by assembling IOCC Health Kits! The Health/Hygiene Kits are used by IOCC to help refugees and survivors of catastrophes throughout our nation and the world.

This is a wonderful project for any individual or family. You can make a few or as many as you want. We invite you to pledge as to how many you will assemble in the following manner:

Beginning on Sunday December 4th, a Christmas tree will be put up in the narthex along with a collection of different colored ornaments. Simply take two of the same colored ornaments and place one on the tree in the Narthex as a pledge of your giving and place the other ornament on your tree at home as a reminder. The colors of the ornaments represent the amount of health kits you are pledging to prepare for IOCC . See the chart below.





A Meaningful Family Activity

For families especially with children, this can be a wonderful teaching moment on sacricial giving and to
thank our Lord for His birth for our salvation. Discuss with your family that this is a way of helping someone
less fortunate and who is suffering greatly. The family could then resolve to give up something—a portion of
each one’s allowance, one Christmas present or something else to pay for the cost of the kits. In this way you
can convey the understanding of sacrificial giving to help others. Review the shopping list below with your
family and prepare to go out and purchase the items needed for the IOCC Health Kits.

Buy a one-gallon plastic bag with a zipper closure and fill it with the following items:
• One hand towel
• One washcloth
• One comb
• One metal nail file or nail clipper
• One bar of soap (bath size)
• One toothbrush (NO TOOTHPASTE)
• Six Band-Aids

Gather at home, say a prayer and assemble the Health Kits. Then discuss what you have just done and why. Keep the Health Kits under your Christmas Tree until you’re ready to bring them to the Cathedral on Sunday when you come for Liturgy.

Come to Church on Sunday and as you approach for Holy Communion place your Health Kits in the provided containers on the Solea; offering your gift to the “least of these My brethren,” then proceed to receive the great Grace and Gift of Holy Communion.




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