1st Quarter Facilities Update

Dear Ascension parishioners:

Thanks to your help and the huge donation from Mr. Borikas we were able to get to some of our long-time-deferred maintenance this 1st quarter of 2016. Below is a list of tasks that were completed this 1st quarter of 2016! We made some great strides in restoring our Church’s facilities appearance and functionality.

Completed 1st quarter of 2016

• Replacement of 3 flat roofs, straightening and repairing
the cross at the top of the Cathedral.
• Lobby Men’s Room updating and counter replacement.
• Complete painting of the Hall / Richmond Room Lobby
and doors.
• Replacement of Kitchen dishwasher booster.
• Front Pond waterfall and fountain repair.
• New gate installed at top entry to parking lot.
The below items are still open items and “TO DO’S” with your
• Much needed replacement of Church electrical
sub-panel. This is an original panel and is in great need
of replacemement.
• Hall, Richmond Room, Colonnade flat roof replacement.
These roofs are all original and have been recently
patched but need replacement.
• Broken blue glass replacement above the Sacristy on the
back of the Cathedral.
• Paint Doors in the Hall and Richmond room to match
new paint in the Lobby.
• Repair Basketball backboards.
• Specialized door repair for the side doors to the Cathedral
and badly damaged copper side door to the rear of the
• Paint the water damaged areas in the Cathedral.
• Refinish hardwood floors in the Hall and Richmond
• Kitchen remodel.
• Solar Panel Installment.
• Front perimeter security fencing, to secure our grounds
and prevent car break-ins.
None of these repairs would have been possible without
your help and generous giving!
If you would like to donate work or funds for any of these
specific open items please contact Manoli Sakkis, VP Facilities
Ascension Greek Orthodox Cathedral, at 925-389-0835 for
more details.
Thank you and God Bless you this Holy Season!

Manoli Sakkis
VP Facilities, Ascension Cathedral


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